AbstractOps exists to enable our clients to move faster

Too many businesses waste precious time distracted by operationally intensive or tedious work.

We want to power the next generation of companies that recognize it’s best to focus on your core competency and outsource everything else. Until today, every company had to waste hundreds of hours a year managing operationally intensive, tedious, non-strategic processes.

Context switching sucks. Use AbstractOps instead.

AbstractOps Values


Simple rather than over-engineered solutions

Act like an owner — take risks and take initiatives, when it comes to Type 2 decisions (those that are easy to reverse), even if it means messing up once in a while.

As an employee, prioritize outcomes for the client first, then your team, then yourself. The company will succeed as a natural consequence.


Integrity rather than self-interest

Corporations are not just a “nexus of contracts.” They are social entities. If a company’s management ignores the social nature of a common enterprise — aka, trying to do the right or fair thing — the company becomes a nameless, faceless monolith with no identity, culture, or integrity.

Ignore “shareholder value” and focus instead on stakeholder value: for your clients, your suppliers, your partners, your employees, etc., with a sound strategy and business model. Profit and shareholder value are a natural consequence.

Be someone who sticks their neck out for other people, at personal cost.

Radical Candor

Honesty rather than paranoia

It’s okay to be a little rough around the edges, as long as you have good intentions.

Interrupting is okay as long as you’re not being rude (i.e., “yes, and…” is encouraged).

Practice thoughtful radical candor. Solicit feedback — on yourself, and on your work — and offer the same to others. Show, appreciate, and encourage vulnerability-based trust.

There is no such thing as “healthy” paranoia. Instead, pick colleagues and partners that are trustworthy and beyond reproach.


Pragmatism > Process

Avoid both unbridled chaos and perfect harmony — put the bare minimum process in place to avoid total chaos.

We believe the best decisions are made at the intersection of empathy and pragmatism.

Assume good intentions: Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence or oversight (Hanlon’s razor). Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by differences in personality, behavioral tendencies, or value systems.


Foresight rather than short-term efficiency

“Wise restraints set (wo)men free” — place checks and balances and create accountability for yourself and others, to improve reliability and outcomes.

Outcomes and processes are both important, but fair outcomes are more important than predictable processes. Identify ways processes can go wrong and fix them.

Hunger for the Right Answer

Cleverness rather than predictability + Curiosity rather than depth

Run experiments with asymmetric outcomes (low downside / high upside), because that’s how you build and compound success.

Think holistically, about the big picture. Avoid false dichotomies, and avoid silos; look for better cross-discipline and cross-functional outcomes.

Our team

We like efficiency. We geek out on elegant automations. We enjoy good wine and quality friends. We love saving money and finding the best deals but don’t mind spending money to save time. Time is our most precious resource.

Hari Raghavan, COO @Forge, Investor, speed demon

BK, Employee #1 and Lead Software Engineer @Superhuman, coding ninja

Adam Spector, Three-time founder, Product @Twitter, angel investor

Charles Yang, Data Guru + Fundraise Janitor @Atrium, aspiring thought leader on TikTok

Our extended family

Some of Silicon Valley’s sharpest minds recognize that dealing with operations is a massive drag on business success. They joined the AbstractOps family to make it dramatically easier for the world’s startups to achieve exit velocity.

Zach Holman

Zach Holman

Early GitHub

Jabu Dayton

Jabu Dayton

Early AirBnB

Cheryl Sew Hoy

Cheryl Sew Hoy


Oliver Nicholas

Oliver Nicholas

Uber & Yelp

Rob McGrorty

Rob McGrorty

Axiom Law


Rishi Taparia

Poynt & Matrix


Naval Ravikant

Ravikant Capital


We’re located in [usually sunny] San Francisco, CA.

Send us an email at hello@AbstractOps.com. We’re always happy to chat or hear feedback.