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We are a community that enables founders to connect and exchange notes on solving operations-related problems efficiently and accurately.

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If you are a US-based startup founder or executive, AO Community will help you solve your ops questions and reduce your potential for mistakes.


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What are Startup Operations?

Back-office ops are any and all processes and activities that are NOT focused on product or customers but critical to your startup's existence.

Still confused?

Here are a few examples:

  • HR

    • How should I offer fringe benefits at my startup?
    • How do I setup payroll?
    • Should we get off a PEO?
  • Legal Ops & Taxes

    • What's the process for submitting franchise tax in my state?
    • Do I qualify for R&D tax credit?
    • How do I draft a term sheet for fundraising?
  • Regulatory Compliance

    • How do I register my startup in California?
    • When do we need our next 409a valuation?
    • How do I setup SOC-2 compliance?
  • Finance

    • Can we issue stock to a customer?
    • How do I manage payments to my vendors?
    • How do I file my accounting statements?

Why we exist

Startups drive change in this world.

Back office functions aren’t sexy or exciting, but they are crucial to avoid ticking time bombs that blow up later during a fundraise, or when you get scary notices from regulators, or just avoiding chaos when you begin scaling.

We’re founders and operators and we looked around for a community solution. Google doesn’t actually answer my question. Verticalized tools like Gusto, Rippling or Carta only do part of the job. Lawyers are sometimes an (expensive) solution for best practices, but sometimes an operational solution needs an operator.

Our Answer

Founders helping founders with guidance and guardrails from AbstractOps' seasoned operations experts.


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