The Pareto Guide to Incorporating your Company

by Adam Spector in
black an white photography of long table

Incorporation Questions to Ask

When to incorporate:

  • There is (or will soon be) intellectual property or ownership stakes between multiple people
  • You’re about to hire people
  • You need a bank account

When not to incorporate:

  • If it’s a side project that you’re not sure you’re going to turn into an ongoing business
  • If it’s late in the year (if there’s no forcing function, you shouldn’t incorporate on December 20th because then you have a bunch of regulatory and tax filings for that year)

How to incorporate

Below are the best companies (or types of companies) to help a startup incorporate including the pros, cons and costs of each. Included in the list are Clerky, Stripe Atlas, LegalZoom, Harvard Business Services and others.