Pricing that scales from founding to hypergrowth

Join founders who achieve scale by offloading their ops and focusing on product and customers.


I'll Do It
For founders who prefer well run, transparent organizations. Ideal for very early-stage or stable startups.


per teammate (*6 mos 50% discount)
All the benefits of Platform: 

Unlimited file vault storage

100+ workflows with an emphasis on hiring, payments, and contracts

API integrations

Help Me 
For founders who want a well run organization but also some more help to keep it that way.

$1,000 + $40

                                  per teammate
All the benefits of Platform, plus: 

Dedicated point of contact with quarterly check-ins, plus email support

Hiring, payroll, and benefits support

Contract issuances and document support

Accounts payable support

Vendor management and recommendations

Regulatory compliance (State registrations, triaging mail, dealing with government notices)

Handle for Me 
For founders who want to move all back office admin off their plate and have a trusted operator manage it.

$4,000 + $40

                                   per teammate
All the benefits of Help Me, plus: 

Dedicated point of contact with quarterly check-ins, plus Slack and email support

Proactive oversight of your company's ops (quarterly audits / assessments of your ops, proactively identifying gaps, and more)

Equity support (stock / option issuances, 409a, fundraising support, and more)

Tax and audit support (Income & franchise tax support, SOC-2, loan applications, and more)

Detailed Pricing Platform Only Get Started Help Me Get Started Handle for Me Get Started
Monthly Price $40 per teammate $1,000 + $40 per teammate $4,000 + $40 per teammate
File Vault
100+ Workflows
API integrations
Dedicated PoC Via Email Via Slack + Email
Hiring, Payroll, Benefits Support
Contracts & Doc Support
Accounts Payable Support
Vendor Management
Regulatory Compliance
Proactive Oversight of Ops
Equity Support
Tax and Audit Support

Trusted and loved by startup founding teams

Growing fast in the Web 3.0 space means we have little time to focus on anything other than the product. AbstractOps helps our business with bookkeeping/tax, invoice payments, record keeping, benefits research and implementation, compliance, and vendor consolidation. We would be lost without them!

Brian Arnold

Abhi Vyas

Co-Founder & CEO @ Mem

AbstractOps is like a walking cheat code for your startup. On Deck went from 6 to 300 people in less than 2 years. AO was critical in that journey — helping us hire a global team, organize and track status across timezones and collaborators.

Brandon Teleisnik

Brandon Taleisnik

VP Operations @ On Deck

At Airplane, AbstractOps has been critical for allowing us to scale our company quickly and worry-free. As the founder of Heap, when starting Airplane, I knew the importance of efficient operations and the challenges of doing so when in hyper growth mode. Every startup that cares about growth should use them!

Ravi Parikh

Ravi Parikh

 Co-Founder @ Airplane


Frequently asked questions

  • Is AbstractOps for me?

    AbstractOps is the scaling system for US based startups. Please note that to get the most utility out of AbstractOps, we currently only work with Delaware C-Corps.

  • Tell me more about I'll Do It

    I'll Do It is for founders who prefer well run, transparent organizations. Ideal for very early-stage or stable startups. Consolidate all of your documents, files, and data in a single location. Send contracts via a full e-signature solution. Pre-built workflows for all admin back-office tasks. Track every single stakeholder and all related files. Access to AbstractOps detailed knowledge system and team. This is for founders who prefer to do most of the work, using intelligent software, on their own.

  • Tell me more about Help Me

    Help Me is for founders who want the world’s first Operating System for scaling startups but also want a higher level of help. Our team of experts will actually do the work for you when it comes to Human Resources (HR), vendor relationships (and payments) and a lot of research. Our team is on-call to help make sure back-office admin work is back of mind so you can focus on building.

  • Tell me more about Handle for Me

    Handle for Me is for founders who want to move all back office admin off their plate. You want a Chief of Staff or COO but recognize that spending the money and time to hire and manage one is still a bad use of time. Plus, even with those people, having the AbstractOps software makes them far stronger. In this tier, meet with your Operations Partner as often as you like, chat via Slack, and dig into special work such as fundraising, equity, 409a, and just about anything else that impacts the back-office.

  • What is the 50% off six month discount?

    We offer a 50% off for the first 6 months of AbstractOps discount for clients on our I'll Do It plan. After the first six months, your price will revert to the standard $40 per teammate per month price.

    We believe AbstractOps is a no-brainer decision for any founder, CEO, operations individual or business owner and we want to make sure the price to test us out (so we can prove it) is also a no-brainer!

  • How do I get started?

    Once you sign up with us, we’ll take you through an onboarding call with members of our Central Services Team. We’ll learn more about your company, what ops challenges are keeping you up at night, and walk you through how you can get the most value out of AbstractOps. Depending on the plan you sign up for, we may schedule additional calls to ensure you have the guidance you need to get started.

  • What are your contract terms?

    AbstractOps believes in winning your business by always being ROI positive, not by contracts. After your first three months with AbstractOps, our contracts are monthly. If we’re not absolutely value accretive, churn. (although please provide feedback so we can improve!)

  • Can I switch between plans?

    Our plans are designed to provide you with optimal support based on your needs at any point in time. 

    We support clients moving from one tier to the other as needs change. If you feel that you are entering an extremely busy time and need more hands-on support, you can move to Help Me or Handle for Me. You can also move in the other direction if things slow down or you have started to hire your own internal operations team. We love working with internal teams as they become superheroes when paired with AbstractOps.

    To make sure we can plan capacity and operating model accordingly, we can only accommodate tier changes once every three months. Any plan switches can easily be done by messaging

  • How do you define teammates?

    We calculate teammates as your employees and contractors. From an operations perspective, they both take plenty of time to manage. Plus, all of them, together, are a good proxy for the size and complexity of your business.

    Given the global nature of work and how many startups use contract help to build out their products, we believe billing based on all teammates is appropriate.

  • Will my invoice change as I grow?

    Yes! Just like any SaaS software, as your business grows and becomes more complex, you'll need more help from AbstractOps. Many companies solve this growing complexity by hiring internal operations people. Sounds like a pain to hire and manage that team especially when doing so is almost certainly not your core competency. For a lot less money and headache - even if your price paid to AbstractOps increases as you grow - we think we're a fantastic deal. :)

    We only review changes to your team size every three months to help your finance team have clarity around expenses (at least from us).

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