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Bring HR & legal into a single workspace

Say goodbye to operational silos - unify payroll, contracts, state regs and more.

Optimize your time

Streamline and automate HR and legal busywork.

Avoid mistakes

Avoid errors with smart pre-filling + API calls to your payroll system, cap table, and more.

Grow faster

Get offer letters, sales contracts, or SAFEs out in minutes.


Startups love AbstractOps

At Airplane, AbstractOps has been critical for allowing us to scale our company quickly and worry-free. As the founder of Heap, when starting Airplane, I knew the importance of efficient operations and the challenges of doing so when in hyper growth mode. Every startup that cares about growth should use them!

Ravi Parikh

Co-Founder @ Airplane

AbstractOps is like a walking cheat code for your startup. On Deck went from 6 to 300 people in less than 2 years. AO was critical in that journey — helping us hire a global team, organize and track status across timezones and collaborators.

Brandon Taleisnik

VP Operations @ On Deck

Growing fast in the Web 3.0 space means we have little time to focus on anything other than the product. AbstractOps helps our business with bookkeeping/tax, invoice payments, record keeping, benefits research and implementation, compliance, and vendor consolidation. We would be lost without them!

Abhi Vyas

Co-Founder & CEO @ Mem

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