An automated back office for early stage CEOs

Part dashboard, part trusted Chief Operating Officer, companies use AbstractOps to move fast without breaking things.

We’re the pit crew for your startup race-car.

How will you solve today's cognitive load?

Want cognitive load relief?

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Dashboard: a holistic view of your company’s ops

Context switching sucks. Log into one place to get a thoughtful view of your operations.

Action Items: Approvals and FYIs, triaged by urgency

Naval says his time is worth $2,000/hr. What’s your time worth?

Your company’s digital filing cabinet: organized, tagged, and searchable

For those who like to get in the weeds, our filing cabinet serves as your personalized, organized, and secure data store for all your corporate records. This is kept up to date and ready for your next financing round, regulatory filing, audit, or exit.

Hire / Fundraise / Build faster with the AbstractOps Stack

Stop logging into dozens of ops tools to take the smallest action. We learn your needs and your tools in depth. We abstract away the non-essential details, and execute on your needs, so you can engage right when it counts.

Your trusted partner

You have a dedicated ProCOO as your trusted partner for everything operations: finance, legal ops, HR, recruiting, fundraising, and sales operations. Available 24/7, on Slack, email, or text.

Charles Y

Ex-Atrium fundraise concierge, corporate paralegal

Hari R

Former COO at $200M series B fintech, angel investor

Adam S

Three-time founder, angel investor

Focus on your product & customers

We’ve got everything else covered.

Operations dashboard

Holistic platform weaving together your vendors, critical information, immediate to-dos.

Chief Operating Officer

24/7 experienced partner to work with you through thick and thin.

Searchable data store

All of your documents categorized and findable in seconds.

Strong security

Records stored in SOC-2 compliant databases.

Intelligent Integrations

Gmail, Box, Gusto, Quickbooks, OnPlan, and more.

Company Compare

Compare your operations over time and to other similar businesses.
[Coming soon]

User Permissions

Provide selective access to data and documents to team members, investors, and vendors.
[Coming soon]

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