Stop running from your back-office tasks

If you're an early stage CEO, we handle and automate your HR, finance, and legal ops — so that you don't have to.

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"I started a company to do a bunch of back-office work!"

- Literally no founder, ever.

A Global View of your Company's Operations

saas dashboard corporate admin

Manage employees, investors, regulators, and vendors in one place

Context switching destroys productivity. Stop logging into a dozen tools to look up info, or get basic stuff done.

saas coo services abstract ops

Lean on a personal COO for help as you scale

There is a right and wrong way to issue paperwork, complete filings, run HR admin, etc. We're an extension of your team, watching over you like a guardian angel for your ops.

saas operations checklists

Complete critical operational tasks with guidance

You don't need to reinvent the wheel on filing a trademark or getting a bookkeeper. We've codified hundreds of processes that every Seed / Series A company needs.

Hear from our customers

"It's really like having a part-time COO to help with things...when you know you can have a partner come in and leave it all off your plate and do it faster and better"

Ryan Delk, Cofounder & CEO @ Primer

"One of the most annoying pains is's getting people paid on time... figuring out how to give people equity...those are all pains AbstractOps solves"

Gagan Biyani, Founder & CEO @ Maven

"With AbstractOps, not only have they saved time in terms of hours of my day...but also bandwidth to just take that part off my plate, which has saved so much stress"

Lindsay McCormick, Founder @ Bite

Relieve the stress of never-ending back-office work

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Take a deep breath. We're here. Now you can focus on building.

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This is the moment you stop being a founder and become a CEO.

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