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Happy Customers

Discover how our customers use AbstractOps and why they love us

David Greenbaum

Founder & CEO @ Onplan

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Lindsay McCormick

Founder @ Bite

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Ryan Delk

Cofounder & CEO @ Primer

(long version)

Gagan Biyani

Founder & CEO @ Maven

Nikhil Gopalani

Fmr Head of Ops @ Basis

Renee Fry

Founder & CEO @ Gentreo

Miguel Solano

Founder & CEO @ VMind

Parm Gill

Cofounder @ Banting

Kennedy McDaniel

Cofounder & CEO @ Banting

Beverly Parenti

Cofounder @ The Last Mile

Pardhu Gunnam

Founder & CEO @ Metaphor

Justin Moore

Cofounder & CTO @ Caplight

Aagya Mathur

Cofounder & CEO @ Aavia

Abhi Vyas

Cofounder @ Mem Protocol

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